Is Your Health Falling Prey To Global Warming?

weather impact on healthGlobal warming is a major threat to our environment. But even if you are not worried about the environment you still need to worry about global warming.

Can global warming really take a major toll on your health? Yes, it can. To understand how this is possible you need to first learn the relation between climate change and our health.

Weather impact on health

Every factor in our environment has a direct effect on our bodies. Since the human body is highly susceptible to environmental threats, the weather impact on health is well recognized. Living inside a sterile bubble is not possible. We expose ourselves to the environment on a regular basis. When we do so there are many harmful substances and organisms that we are exposing our bodies to. Many of these substances or organisms are present due to the climate changes. At the same time we see that a harmful substance like carbon dioxide, leads to climate changes and has direct harmful effect on our bodies.

Weather affects health indirectly rather than directly. The climatic fluctuations might not be sufficient to take a toll on our health. But the weather impact on health is caused by the contamination of the environment.

Erratic climate change human health relation

Earlier there used to be four well defined seasons that had well recognized onsets and offsets. But today very few places in the world enjoy the benefits of four fixed seasons. The summers seem to become more prolonged and hotter, while the winters can become erratically cold or warm. The monsoon cycles in most parts of the world have become so erratic that people barely get the chance to take precautions against floods. All these erratic changes account to direct weather impact on health. Heat stokes during summers are more common since summers have become hotter. More and more lives are lost to bitter cold during winter since places with pleasant winters may have freezing temperatures. The change in the recognized system of climate makes it hard for our bodies to adjust. So, whenever there is any erratic climate change it is sure to take a toll on your health.

Climate effects on human health through environmental changes

The erratic changes in climate can directly take a toll on human lives but it is the indirect effect that takes a greater toll. Here are the ways in which there is an indirect weather impact on health:

  • When there is a prolonged and hotter summer there is sure to be shortage in drinking water. We see that there are more and more droughts all over the world. In drought prone countries the situations keep getting worse, while more and more countries are becoming more drought prone. A shortage in drinking water can never be good for the human body. When the quota of water required by our body is not met it can lead to body shock and death. So, the shortage of drinking water caused by the climate has a negative effect on our bodies.
  • The hotter the climate the more chances of spreading of disease. Most viruses, bacteria and parasites are dormant in cold. It is the heat that makes them more active. The global warming increases the temperature of the earth, making the earth more suitable for the growth of diseases. Apart from thriving in the heat, we see that the diseases seem to mutate to form more severe diseases. Hence the heat caused by global warming might be toasty for you but it is ideal for growth of diseases.
  • Global warming leads to increase in sea levels. This in turn leads to the submergence of coastal areas and the migration of the residents of the coastal areas. When more and more people migrate, the population becomes denser. The denser population encourages the spread of diseases. At the same time the dense population can cause pressure on the infrastructure. It might lead to more pollution and contamination of the environment.
  • There usually is an increase in rainfall since evaporation rate increases. When there is heavy rainfall there are chances of water getting collected and then stagnating. The stagnant waters become nurseries for mosquitoes. The number of diseases spread by mosquitoes seems to be increasing. So, a growth in the mosquito population can take a major toll on your health.
  • Apart from offering a hub for mosquitoes to breed, the rain water is not safe for consumption. If there is heavy rain fall then you might have to come in contact with the water. There are many parasites that can get into your body when you come in contact with the water. Consumption of the seemingly “fresh water” can be the only source of water for many. The consumption can easily cause gastric infections like diarrhea.
  • The hot sultry summers can be dangerous for your skin as well. Fungal growth bloom in both wed and hot conditions. So the wet monsoons and the hot summers offer the best environment for fungal growths. Rashes are also predominant during the hot sultry summers.

These are merely a few global warming effect on health that are noticeable. The direct effects of global warming might seem scarier due to the raging floods and harrowing droughts they cause. But it is the indirect effect of global warming that is taking more and more lives today. Weather does play a major role in our health, thus the erratic climate changes do not do any favors to our bodies.